Online Content is Easy

The web started out as a tool for librarians, governments and other “exciting” folk to pass data. It wasn’t pretty, wasn’t “world-wide”, but was very functional. As you know, we’ve advanced well beyond the fledgling beginnings of the web. Now, users online typically use the web for these three primary purposes:

  1. Connecting + communicating with friends
  2. Shopping
  3. News + recent events

Think about where your website fits into these areas. Do you provide a means to connect with others? Do you offer readers guidance, price lists, or other information for products beyond your specific book? Do you share insightful views into current happenings and events?

If you answered, “well, a little”, you are not alone. Take a moment to select one of these three areas as your primary goal for the week.

You probably can’t offer a great communication and connection tool, so toss this one out now.

You may be able to provide readers with product reviews, price guides, or other useful information for people buying products. Remember, you can aid a reader’s quest to find a product as a guide, not just by selling the product.

You surely have opinions on the latest news items of the day. For instance, how has the Gulf Oil Spill affected you or your friends? Or, has the pending announcement of the latest unemployment stats had any impact on your spending? You get the picture…

You can learn alot from those you follow and read online. Take a page from their playbook and make it fit and help your own audience today.

Please share your experiences, struggles and success with the rest of us.