Are you trying to reach a younger audience?

This is a common need in today's evolving landscape. Many traditional market segments are shrinking, aging, or unfortunately dying. In almost every board meeting I've seen, this same issue and question comes up.

How do we reach a younger audience?

Some said email - but "experts" say young people don't use email anymore. They text.

Then they tried using SMS messages, only to find out very few are going to place an order in class.

Many have used facebook. This is a good way to build and communicate with an audience. But success can be fleeting, and conversion to order is many times too slow.

Try this graphic on for size
Students Love Technology

If you took the 15 minutes to read and decipher the graphic...

You may be left with a puzzled look on your face. So, which technology will reach the most younger customers? How can I invest in these methods to communicate with them? Will they respond?

My Opinion Differs from the Norm

For decades, marketers have been trying to figure out how to get young people to be interested in their product or business. The real question they should be asking is how can their product or business adapt to be interesting to them. People respond to items they need, want, desire, or crave - the channel which drives it is as irrelevant as whether your printing press has moveable type!