Content Outreach

Virtually every company invests time and money into placing content, information, products, etc. on their website. Why is it that some businesses then receive more traffic, higher search rankings, and succeed, while others fail?

The answer is simple. It is not sufficient to rely solely on your website as the place and hub of information about your business. You must have your content displayed, linked and discussed on other websites.

Some key types of placements you should find for your content are:

  • Social Networks (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+)
  • Directories (Local Search, regional listings, vertical search)
  • Relevant / Influential blogs
  • News / Commentary sites

This can amount to a full-time task for even the most seasoned of online professionals. Most companies find the return on this investment much more profitable when this Content Outreach is managed by a third-party expert.

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