Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing, commonly referred to as "SEM" is one of the most common forms of online traffic generation. Made most popular by Google's AdWords program, this style of program is known as PPC or CPC (Pay/Cost per Click).

Search Engine Marketing, or "Paid Search" offers advertisers the opportunity to select keywords or keyword phrases that will trigger their ad when searched by a web browser. This offers marketers control over when and where their ads display, while also providing a more controllable budget. Businesses only pay for actual clicks they receive - essentially a cost per site visitor.

Google and Yahoo/MSN offer the majority of online searches within their two networks, yet many second tier or niche players can also provide value. Sorting through and testing programs can and should take considerable time and analysis. Most organizations find more value in either bringing an expert on staff, or working with a professional agency to manage these programs.

If you are not yet using this valuable form of online advertising, contact Spartan Web, and we will help you get moving.