Find Your Niche

There are two things that always manage to bring a smile to my face. One is when I come home and am greeted with the resounding “Daddy(a)” from the kids as I enter the door. Priceless… The other is when someone launches a new website and expects everyone, I mean all 2 Billion people online, to come to the site. Tell me, why would someone who is interested in finding the best deal on knickers come to your site about where you talk about your latest struggle with the annoying Walmart greeter?

In both cases, the fleeting moment passes. My kids go back to fighting and whining, and everyone else keeps searching Google or Bing to find something useful. If you plan to find a way to make money, increase your exposure, or build a successful business online, it is imperative you find an audience.

There are some very simple steps to online success:

  • Define your audience
  • Create content suitable and interesting to your audience
  • Engage them so they come back over, and over, and over again

Let’s swing back to the kid analogy. I get home at roughly the same time each day. They respond in the same way each day as well. It doesn’t take a rocket-scientist to infer that people respond to regularity in a predictable way. How does this apply online? Very simple – “arrive home” every day at the same time and people will be there to meet you (if they care about you). If you put up new content Monday afternoon, Thursday evening and the Tuesday morning – why would you expect people to come look to see what you have to say?

Try as we might – people will always be creatures of habit. You can either ignore that, and post new items and news when you feel like it. Or, you can embrace human nature, put yourself on a schedule, and be online like clockwork. Trust me, it’s the step one in the recipe to success online.