Sometimes, We Forget the Basics

It's very easy to get so caught up in the strategy, enhancements, special functionality, etc. online that simple things fall under the rug. We at Spartan some of that this week. Everyone learns from each other; sometimes earth-shattering revelations, sometimes not. Today, this is one of those humdrum bits of knowledge.

As more and more people are visiting, reading and learning from the regular online marketing and ecommerce business strategies, we're happy to see the volume of comments on new posts increase as well. After a bit of time patting myself on the back for such engaging posts, it became obvious there were two important items related to our blog's commenting functionality. One was working perfectly, the other was just plain non-existent!

We are proud to have the blog of Spartan hosted by One of the great features built directly into the tool allows for moderation of comments. Wisely, we had decided to allow readers to make comments, but before they become live on the site, someone must approve them to appear. As long as you remain close to the blackberry or computer, comments can be easily reviewed and approved.

The second excellent feature unfortunately was not in use. Many websites deploy some form of CAPTCHA functionality. What's that? These are the slightly aggravating images with text you must enter into a box before your post can proceed. These systems are very effective at preventing spam and other automated comments. There are numerous free and effective tools to take care of this. But... the Spartan website wasn't using any of them, until NOW!

Effective websites will engage readers, entice them to continue to read and return, and most important - make a purchase. Don't neglect the small things that make this not only possible, but far less of a headache.

If you have questions about how to eliminate spam posts, or how to begin allowing your customers to comment on your website, contact Spartan today.